It's the New Year. Let's avoid all clichés and talk and jump right into action. Start satisfying your New Year's resolution with this Sexy Arms in Six Moves routine with our Stay Fit Housing Director of Guest Wellness, Jenn Zerling ("JZ"). Work out in your home, and begin the quest to Staying Fit while you stay with us.  Check out JZ's workout on the Huffington Post by clicking HERE

Jenn Zerling (“JZ”) is the wellness ambassador for Stay Fit Housing guests. JZ is a life-long athlete, lover of life and people, and wishes to help America break the chains of obesity. She provides customized nutrition coaching and fitness training services designed to help all guests optimize Stay Fit Living. JZ’s fitness and nutrition writings can be found in multiple media resources (including, and her JZ Fitness Nutrition app is available on iTunes and Android.