Consider it your home away from home.  That is, no matter where your career takes you, just be the person you normally are when you’re at home, just at Stay Fit Housing.  Stay Fit Housing is exactly what the name states – you get to stay fit, even when you’re traveling.  Despite the erratic schedule, the bombardment of meetings, the lack of familiarity of where you’re visiting, this will be your home away from home.  How?  You have a team of passionate, five-star committed people who will walk you through an exceptional experience throughout your stay.

I’m JZ, the Director of Guest Wellness for Stay Fit Housing and owner of JZ FITNESS, a brand that develops programming for people to maximize their potential through optimal living.  When I was invited to join the Stay Fit Housing Team, I felt honored and looked at it as another opportunity to extend my teachings to traveling executives who want to stay fit on the road. Is this really a possibility? Absolutely!  In all my years of coaching clients, especially busy executives who travel two weeks out of every month, I found that the only two missing links to people falling off track were their lack of motivation and/or lack of resources.  If people have motivation, but no resources, then Stay Fit Housing is a dream-come-true for them.  For example, one of our guests had to travel for work, which interfered with training for her triathlon, which was only a couple of months down the road.  As an athlete, I know the vigor that goes into training, and I did my research to find a high intensity interval training gym and a triathlon club for her in the city she’s staying in.  She also downloaded my JZ FITNESS Nutrition app on her iPhone, and I coached her in nutrition.  She loved this luxury and had never experienced this convenience and service before.  She claimed that her travels were seamless, not only with her lifestyle needs, but with virtually everything else she needed.  This is Stay Fit Housing.

On the other hand, if someone has the resources but not the motivation, then perhaps the Stay Fit Housing experience can be one’s induction phase to a healthy way of life.  Either way, every guest receives the utmost amount of service throughout their stay so that not only are on-the road-stressors heavily reduced, but the guest is able to feel more “at home” on the road.

We are very excited to announce our Stay Fit Blog which is now open to health and wellness contributors who are looking to offer viable tips for traveling in good health for our guests and prospective guests. Please email if you would like to join our invigorating community. Living an optimal life is indeed a lifestyle, and with the right resources in place, anyone can do it.  An optimal body is an optimal life.  

We look forward to serving you with helpful on-the-road tips for those who wish to live well, wherever the road takes you.

Jenn Zerling (“JZ”) is the wellness ambassador for Stay Fit Housing guests. JZ is a life-long athlete, lover of life and people, and wishes to help America break the chains of obesity. She provides customized nutrition coaching and fitness training services designed to help all guests optimize Stay Fit Living. JZ’s fitness and nutrition writings can be found in multiple media resources (including, and her JZ Fitness Nutrition app is available on iTunes and Android.