Holiday Season is HERE. Officially. Halloween, Thanksgiving, all the December Holidays and a Bang for a New Year! So now what? Approach with purpose. Set your standards. Be the best you can be for yourself no matter what gets tossed your way. Leading a Stay Fit life requires you to put yourself first, and here are 3 tips to Stay Fit this Halloween:

1) If you go to a party, eat before you go! Eat what you are supposed to eat. Don't know? Get the JZ Fitness Nutrition app (available on iTunes and Android) and see some meal suggestions under the STUDY tab.

2) Limit the candy intake. Bring meals to work and maybe pack an occasional square of organic dark chocolate. Whole Foods has some options. So while everyone at work is eating candy, choose "real" chocolate and stay away from sugary snacks. You can always get Juice Plus gummies which offer you all the antioxidants from 20 different fruits and veggies in gummy form tricking your taste buds! It's Kosher. It's NSF certified. It's FDA regulated. And, JZ FITNESS approved. Booya!

3) Whatever you do, do NOT eat candy at NIGHT. If you must eat the junk candy because it is your personal tradition each year, then do it around a high intensity workout. Allow yourself the chance to elevate your metabolism so that when you put all that processed sugar into your system, your body uses most of it during its Oxygen debt from post exercise metabolism. Is it ideal?  Nope. Is it better than just eating candy without creating an increase in metabolism? Theoretically. So if weight loss is your NUMBER ONE goal going into 2018, I would stick to 1 and 2 and just form some mental toughness. You will feel very proud of yourself every time you do!


Jenn Zerling (“JZ”) is the wellness ambassador for Stay Fit Housing guests. JZ is a life-long athlete, lover of life and people, and wishes to help America break the chains of obesity. She provides customized nutrition coaching and fitness training services designed to help all guests optimize Stay Fit Living. JZ’s fitness and nutrition writings can be found in multiple media resources (including JZFitness.com), and her JZ Fitness Nutrition app is available on iTunes and Android.